Drupal association

The Drupal Association is dedicated to helping the open-source Drupal CMS project flourish. What we do:


Pathauto: module .
Generates URL or path aliases for content : Nodes :which are any piece of content.(the link).
Taxonomy terms: content organization by keywords said Categories (The link).
Users:all the people that use the site .
This allows you to have URL aliases such:
/category/my-node-title instead of /node/123 or content/title;

electronic library

How to Convert an Ebook to the Amazon Kindle Format

kindle format :AWZ3 

It can read pdf as well but is not responsive

means that you have  to scroll left and right to see  the content of the page if you zoom in

but for the native format AWZ3 book pages are seen  in  pages without scrolling even if zoomed they remain adaptive.

Drush:some uses

drush is Drupal shell .

The tool that make the difference .With commands just concised aliased as such with little effort and time life of a developer becomes easy .

Here is some useful drush commands :


Some problems may take a while to be solved and repeating and searching can get a result
Now for mysql and code working with terminal: the shell is the best friend for time and accuracy .
For windows Is just a configuration of WAMP and the environment path For linux is all about the first installation of the system that depends on the packages that you selected to install.
Here i want to tell about something that I passed some time to know since I m new to MAC that i ve just bought.


html tidy is a program to fix invalid html developed byDave Raggett.

written in ANSI C Available for many platforms of which is DRUPAL.

drush excursion

Drupal is so hard without drush this is real as far as whatever operation installing updating managing as a whole .
so installing drush on windows as well as mac or linux is just easy but the drush developments create a lot of headaches if we consider the system developments on an other way.
the going up of hardware and software on the reality lines industry and commerce . So the emmerging of responsivity the adaptability .
The versions of drupal urged the development of drush versions.

multi sites config under drupal

Multisites in drupal is so intelligent from the part of the community . It is so hot to make one work that is useful and hard for many in one to update one place is updating many . To install in one place to change one place to affect many
I ve done as follows:

saved with authentication



This is a code for my symlinks in bluehost and may be used for greengeeks as well with the drupal multi sites installations:

on shell:


to print the link from the root of the site.